Commercial and Business Financing


◼︎ All real estate property types considered including:

  Residential 1-4, Multifamily 5+ Units, Fix and Flips, Blanket/Cross Collateral Loans, Mixed Use, Retail, Office, Industrial, more…

  Specialty properties including:  Hospitality, Mobile Home Parks, Storage facilities, Car washes, Auto Body, Restaurants and Bars, Places of Worship, Schools, Gas Stations, Golf Courses, Marinas, Funeral Homes, Cannabis Related, Assisted Living and Drug Rehab Facilities, More…

◼︎ All credit calibers

  From A+ very strong overall commanding the best rates and terms in the market to extremely challenged scenarios as long as we can identify genuine merit.

  From conventional lenders including the big name banks to unique specialty private funds, lenders and individual investors.

◼︎ Business Financing including:

  Business oriented purchases, lines of credit requests, start up micro loans, more…

◼︎ Asset based lending including:

  Equipment loans, accounts receivable lending, purchase order financing, annuities, loans against items of value that can be appraised and liquidated (fine art, stocks, jewelry, etc.)

◼︎ Construction loans of all types and categories, commercial and residential, owner occupied, non-owner

◼︎ Land loans ideally entitled and permitted “shovel ready”, others upon caliber

◼︎ Super jumbo, Foreign nationals, Oil and Gas assets, Various government guaranteed loan programs creating more flexibility including SBA, more...

◼︎ Stated income loans for certain credit and self-employed situations, bank statement products as well when typical tax returns don't qualify

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